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Jim Adams

Jim Adams, Founder

Head of sales, events, and other stuff. Ran a 51.9 440 in high school, but basically boloed at other events. Was known for running the mile and the 100 yard dash back-to-back in High School track meets....

Pete Mulligan

Pete Mulligan, Manager ExtraOrdinaire

Pete had extensive sales experience in the medical device/orthopedic world in a previous life.  His nickname "Pacer Pete" refers to his uncanny ability to pace a 4:30 marathon to the...

Karen Menge PhD

Karen Menge PhD, Consultant

In between jobs in the Biotech and Medical Device industries,  Karen spent some very productive time organizing and directing orders and events at Falls Road Running.  She is currently a director in...

Megan DiGregorio

Megan DiGregorio, Sales Associate

Megan majored in Exercise Physiology at Towson University.  She still holds the Towson record for the Steeplechase event.  She works at the Under Armour Brand House in Harbor East and occasionally...

Amy Horst

Amy Horst, Sales Associate

Originally from Wisconsin, Amy is the women's track and cross-country coach at Loyola University.  She still trains to race competitively, and here and there finds time to work at the runstore,  If...

Dan Goodman

Dan Goodman, Operations Consultant

Dan has been involved in a number of diverse career choices during his life-time, and this free spirit is still in a state of flux.  His extensive background in triathlon and other endurance events...

Joanna Meade

Joanna Meade, Sales Associate

Louis Foudos

Louis Foudos, Sales Associate and On Location Spike Sales

Louis graduated from Towson University and has worked at Fall Road Running in several capacities, including sales, special events, projects, expos, track meets, and marketing.  He is currently coaching the...

Jess N

Jess N, Sales Associate

Myles C

Myles C, Sales Assocaite


Sherman, Greeter

Serving also as the food clean-up crew, this friendly guy will make you smile when you visit the Falls Road Running Store.


I wrote the linked article a few years ago, and for the most part it is still accurate.