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Anne-Marie Diegleman, Sales - AMD

Anne-Marie is a special education teacher and a huge fan of the Leukemia Society and it's Team in Training Program.

Anthony Littlejohn, Sales - AL

Anthony was a stand-out high school runner who eventually ran for Coppin State University.  He began working at Falls Road while recovering from a stress fracture his junior year and was our IT...

Becca Sirman, Sales -RS

Becca has worked at Falls Road Running when she is not busy flying around the country for her day job.  She can tell what part of the country you are from by the way you act on an...

Brett Harvey, Manager BH

Brett was the first full-time employee at Falls Road Running.  He went to Dulaney High School, then Lafayette College, then coached at American University and Loyola.  He is the current coach at...

Brian Waskiewicz, Sales - BW

Brian occasionally fills in for us when he is not off flying big airplanes as a Captain for Delta Connection.  We like to tease him because he has never held a job outside of aviation, and consequently...

Cindy Williams, Sales - CW

A nuclear engineer who was a source of help and inspiration when the Falls Road Running Store was just getting started. Cindy has posted a 3:21 marathon but runs these days to stay in shape for skiing. ....

Deneen Habarta, Manager - DH

Deneen Habarta – The founder of 5K Running and Walking in Fells Point, Deneen became manager of Falls Road Running in 2006.  She runs numerous races at various distances,...

Gregg Jubb, Sales - GJ

Gregg worked at Falls Road during the summer and some holidays while finishing up at the University of Maryland.  He is currently involved with RunningMaryland.com

Jen Koshy, Sales - JK

Jen came to Baltimore as a teacher.  She also coached pole vaulting at Mervo High School.  One day Jim was running with the Fed Hill Runners and asked them if anyone wanted to work part-time at the...

John Davis, Part-Time Staff - JD

John is a professional photographer who has helped out in the shop from time to time.  Many of the pictures on this website came from his extensive portfolio of running shots.  His website is...

Katie Schlaffer, Sales - KS

The very first day that Katie interviewed at FRR she told us that her father was local race directing legend Dave Cooley.  This was news to us, since we thought we had met all of Dave's family. ...

Kristin del Bazo, Sales - KDB

Kristin ran track and cross-country for Towson University while studying to become a Physician's Assistant.  She finished her studies at Arcadia and currently works in the the Surgery area at GBMC.

Laura DeWald, Sales - LD

Laura had a very distinguished running history (let's just say she has qualified for the Olympic Trials and been on the cover of Runner's World).  She is a professional sports massage therapist...

Miguel Ferrera, Sales - MF

Migs has been an on-again/off-again part-timer at Falls Road Running for a decade.  Our favorite memory of Migs at work was his firearms debate with Tom Clancy at the store's check-out counter.

Monica Zamora, Sales - MZ

Monica has worked part-time off and on again since the beginning stages of 5K running.  She is pursuing an advanced degree and juggles part-time work with her studies.  An avid runner and rock...

Rodney Timpson, Sales - RT

The beloved Sticks - One of the region's premier masters level runners, Rodney brought  a broad range of experience as a personal trainer, competitive runner, and former Navy intelligence...

Roswell Friend Jr. July 4 1989 - August 18 2011, In Memoriam

Roswell worked at Falls Road Running summers and holidays when he wasn't pursuing his degree at Temple.  He went out running one night and disappeared.  His body was discovered several days...

Ryan Stasiowski, Sales - RS

Ryan was an engineering student at Lafayette when we found him.  He ran locally at Loyola Blakefield, and loves the trail running in Patapsco State Park.    He is currently a junior design...

Sara Mcelroy, Sales - SM

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Sheila Mahoney, Manager - SM

Sheila came to us via the Running Wild store in Florida.  She managed Falls Road Running while pursuing a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins, and has been employed and sought...

Tenke Zoltani, Sales - TZ

Now an investment banker in Zurich, SW, Tenke graduated from Dulaney HS and ran for Columbia University in New York. Tenke had a great high school career in the Baltimore area.

Terence Baptiste, Sales - TB

An accountant at T Rowe Price, T could not get the running out of his system.  He worked week-ends at the store, staffed track meets throughout the region.  He eventually left Baltimore to pursue a...

Tim Knowlton, Sales - TK

Tim worked part-time sales at Falls Road Running before accepting a job with Pearl Iszumi, then Brooks.  Somehow, before long, he worked himself up to become the Eastern Sales Manager for Saucony on the...

Will Knox, Sales - WK

Will began his illustrious part-time career at Falls Road first of wall by building up "Will's Wall" in the then unfinished basement area, and then continued his stellar achievements by...


I wrote the linked article a few years ago, and for the most part it is still accurate.


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